What We Do

We're not your typical landscaping business. We prefer to remove lawns rather than maintain them. We integrate native plants into our landscape designs to improve wildlife habitats and fight climate change. We help people grow their own food and manage rainwater runoff. We don't rake leaves because we want to make sure bugs have a place to sleep over winter. And we grow native plants, too.

If this all sounds good to you, then we're probably meant for each other. 

Native species are becoming increasingly popular and are an important feature in our landscapes for restoring habitats and improving our own quality of life.

To shop our native plant nursery, visitThe Ferry Street Nursery Project.

We offer garden design services that combine ornamental features with native species. We also design vegetable gardens, both the planting beds, whether raised or in-ground, and the planting plans to go with them. We'll even maintain these gardens and harvest your produce for you.

Check out our portfolio (coming soon) for ideas and schedule a consultation today.

If there is one thing we've learned over the years, it's that an overgrown or neglected garden or landscape is cheaper to fix than replace. Plus, preserving healthy, mature plants means your garden will be better looking faster than a complete replacement. To that end, we love to come in and clean out abandoned yards and bring them back to their former glory.

If instead, you feel like your garden needs an update, we can do that, too, by providing a renovation plan that includes transplanting and augmenting your existing gardens or landscape with new plantings and features.

Creating outdoor spaces and paths that connect them are an important part of integrating nature with your every day life. Whether it's natural stone, clay brick or concrete pavers, we can provide permeable and traditional solutions for adding these features to your yard and gardens.

Capturing rainwater for use in your yard and gardens is a great way to decrease water bills and help maintain this precious resource that is becoming harder to come by in many areas of our country due to climate change.

Whether it's connecting a rain barrel to your downspouts or designing and construction an attractive IBC catchment system, we can help.

Reducing rainwater runoff into sewer and storm drains is another important part of maintaining water quality, both in our municipal systems and our lakes and streams. It's also a good way to reduce taxes in some municipalities.

If you need to disconnect your downspouts or decrease your overall hard surfaces, rain gardens and permeable pavements are a great way to do that. We can design and install both.

Porch pots, complex kitchen gardens or patio barriers, trellises and raised beds of all sorts - we've designed and built them all. Take a look at our portfolio to see what's possible, then get in touch to see if we can assist you with your planter and raised beds needs.

Yes. We remove lawns. Traditional turf maintenance accounts for more than 50 million acres, millions of gallons of essentially wasted water that is usually mixed with herbicides and pesticides and run off into our sewer systems, ultimately into our lakes and streams.

Let me ask you, why is a lawn so good if it takes so much unnatural effort to maintain? Why not replace it with something that is beautiful, easy to care for, uses less water and does not need any "cides" to stay healthy? Replacements don't have to just be flowers. There are actual green alternatives that your kids can still play on and might even hold up better to your pets than the grass you already have.

Explore the alternatives with us and we'll be more than happy to provide you with the right lawn replacement for you and your family.

If you need garden maintenance, we are here for you. We use integrated pest management techniques to maintain healthy landscapes. We offer yearly contracts for maintenance services according to your needs and budget. We only do spring cleanups after the weather hits 50 degrees at night and we don't rake leaves in the fall except to pile them into a garden bed.

Let us help you improve the quality of your gardens and landscapes ecologically.