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4x8 Quick Start Vegetable Gardens

Food security is important, especially in times where our futures are not quite certain. To that end, we have created organic quick-start vegetable garden packages that include seeds and vegetable seedlings, soil, raised beds, delivery, and installation. 

It is estimated that approximately 20 square feet of garden space can sustain one person per year. With that in mind, we've designed three types of gardens we hope will appeal to the various tastes and interests of our diverse community:

  • All American includes an assortment of the most popular garden vegetables for cooking and canning
  • Gourmet Chef features an assortment of herbs and vegetables that appeal to the more adventurous palate, and
  • Mind Your Macros provides an assortment of the most nutrient-dense foods we can grow in our zone

Each raised bed is 18" tall and is 2x4, 4x4, or 4x8 feet wide. This allows for enough root depth to grow while covering existing unhealthy soils if present; is tall enough to ease back stress for those who may not be able to stoop or crawl, and provides up to 32 square feet of growing space depending on the size you choose. 

Kits include the following based on the specific garden type: 

  • Raised bed lumber, build and installation
  • High-quality organic soil mix specifically for vegetable gardening 
  • One trellis or plant support as required by the garden type
  • High-yield, quick-growing seeds for cool-season direct sowing
  • Hot crop transplants and installation
  • Garden layout reference guide
  • Care and maintenance guide
  • List of trusted resources and reference material for future study

Price includes all labor, materials, and delivery fees within a 16-mile radius. If delivery further out is required, you will be contacted to discuss the additional fee prior to confirming your order. 

    Mix and match our 2x4, 4x4 and 4x8 quick start gardens to meet your needs.